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Ginny’s Gift will make the first grant awards in the history of the Foundation in September 2016. Here is the list of key dates for 2016:

April 11 – Press Release Announcement of Grant Cycle
May 6 to July 15  Application Submittals Accepted
July Board of Director Meeting – Grant Finalists Selected
August – Site Visits (as may be needed)
August Board of Director Meeting – Grant Recipients Selected
September 11 – Announcement of Awards

In order to submit a full request for funding, applicants are required to complete and submit a Grant Appplication Pre-Screening Form. This will determine if your entity meets the applied education criteria to be considered for a grant.

NOTE: For calendar year 2016, grant awards are limited to entities in Wisconsin, Minnesota, Illinois and the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.

Applied Education is defined to mean the hands-on utilization of methods, techniques, new research and findings, and other relevant practices as deployed in a center, in the classroom or home, or other setting where children are directly served, assisted, treated or educated, and through which, by extension, their families are benefited.